Portrait of a young girl by the Seine

Portrait of a young girl by the Seine

Code: 10265


W: 56cm (22")H: 64cm (25.2")


Portrait of a young girl by the Seine, dressed in summer fashion with original silk and giltwood cushion frame

Oil on canvas signed lower right Leroux

French circa 1950

This charming portrait of a young fashionable girl in the flush of youth painted in an idyllic landscape is in the oevre of Jean Gabriel Domergue (1889-1962) who concentrated on portraits of fashionable young women in the post-impressionist epoch. Like Domergue the artist has chosen to celebrate youth and glamour in this picture of a slender necked and elegantly dressed young women with a fashionable hat almost like a crown. A beautiful summer day by the river,shimmering in sunshine, with a large manor house and trees in the distance, the near shore with the bows of barges one flying the tricolore, the artist has created the magic of life and nature as though time has stopped still.